Rangilo Rajasthan - Part 1 - The picturesque sunset at Pichola lake

 Rajasthan, the land of forts and forests, deserts and folklores, and bravery and sacrifice, is one of the topmost tourist destinations in India. Udaipur and the places around it were on my bucket list since long time. Winters were about to end and I decided to make this trip happen before the mercury starts to rise. I booked my flights for the last week of February and started to plan the itinerary. I had six full days, excluding travel days, and wanted to make the best of it. After a lot of browsing on the internet, reading travel forums on Facebook groups, and talking to friends who have been there, I finalized my itinerary. I decided to spend the first day in Udaipur to explore the city, visit Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur on the second day, go to Mount Abu on the third and explore the places of interest there. On the fourth day, I thought of exploring some more places in Mount Abu in the morning and reach Jawai Bandh in the afternoon. Do the leopard safari in the morning on the fifth day and travel to Chittorgarh. Spend the sixth day exploring the fort and travel back to Udaipur on the seventh day to board the flight in the afternoon. Theres nothing more exciting than making a solid plan. I applauded for myself!

Finally, the wait was over. On a bright, sunny Saturday morning, I boarded the flight and landed at Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur. Although it was 4 PM, the temperature was pleasant at 24 °C. I had booked three nights at Banjara Hostel. The hostel was in the heart of the old town. I checked in and went out for a stroll in the town. The famous Gangaur Ghat was just in the next gully. The entrance of the ghat was beautifully decorated with arches. The waters of the lake appeared calm and soothing. As it was late afternoon, there wasnt much crowd. An old man sitting on the ghat was playing a musical instrument. His tunes were creating a different vibe in the atmosphere.

Beautifully decorated gate at Gangaur Ghat

Calm waters of Pichola lake

The City Palace was a just at a walking distance. This is the main attraction in Udaipur. The royal family still resides in a part of this palace. The other parts have now been converted into a hotel. Some parts are open for tourists. Unfortunately, the palace was closed to visit from inside; however, one could walk through the premises. I took the 30 ticket and entered the premises. It felt like a different world. Unlike the chaotic and noisy streets of the old town, the palace premises were clean, neat, and tidy. The decorated arches and domes of the palace were shining in the golden sunlight. Just behind the palace is Pichola lake. This lake is truly the charm of Udaipur. I walked to the promenade and sat there watching the red-orange sun playing hide and seek with the dusty hills. Calm waters of the lake were showing a spectacular reflection of the setting sun. Cool breeze made the evening even more enjoyable. What a wonderful evening it was!

The City Palace of Udaipur 
Vast galleries of the palace

After watching the picturesque sunset, I returned to the hostel. Almost all buildings in the old town of Udaipur now sport a roof-top restaurant. These eateries offer the best view of the city of lakes. The hostel I stayed at also had a restaurant on the terrace. I went upstairs, grabbed a cozy corner, and ordered a chilled beer. What else do you need to compete the picture of a spectacular evening?

The setting sun and the royal architecture

The sun playing hide and seek with dusty clouds

The perfect boat journey
To be continued...

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